With the aim of contributing to the promotion and strengthening of the civil aviation sector in Argentina, JIAAC is carrying out a training and instruction programme addressed to different actors in the aviation system, with an approach focused on Safety specifically.
The National Direction of Management Control and Development (Dirección Nacional de Control de Gestión y Desarrollo – DNCGyD) is in charge of coordinating and conducting the courses, workshops, training, and also the participation in forums, conferences, and different types of aviation events.
It is also the area in charge of releasing the knowledge created as the AIG authority of the country and the Safety Recommendations (SR) included in each Final Report (FR).

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Dissemination Workshops

 Dissemination workshops

The aim of our dissemination workshops is to raise awareness in the aviation community with our daily work of learning from past experiences, with the main objective of avoiding or reducing the occurrence of future events. Different topics are disseminated through the workshops, such as the function of our organization, applied case studies and initial actions that should be considered in the investigation process. .

Workshop 1 – Helicopters

Workshop 2

Workshop 3


Training of investigators

The training plan for new and current investigators has the objective of promoting specialization in accident investigation and the systematization of knowledge of the most experienced members of the organization.

The training plan includes the instruction of both, the investigation and the support staff of JIAAC (internal training), and it includes the teaching of courses and the participation in training activities offered by other instruction centers, and also the production and dissemination of knowledge related to safety. The external training courses and the dissemination activities also have the purpose of spreading the organization’s mission, competencies and activities.

ICAO – Circular 298