Thorough inspections for greater Safety - May 21, 2018

In the general aviation system, the first line operational staff acts as a final backstop that prevents the possibility of an accident. This is why, very often, there is a reminder of the importance of keeping high demands on control and oversight of the airworthiness conditions of every aircraft.

Prevention against the use of toxic substances - May 15, 2018

A proposal has been made to implement programs against the use of alcohol and dangerous drugs before the flight, and also to extend the functions of the staff of the ARO AIS offices so that they act as a “defensive barrier.” New Safety Recommendations released following the investigation of a fatal accident

SR: Limitations to operations with ‘marginal’ meteorology - March 14, 2018

JIAAC issued a Safety Recommendation (SR) due to cases of Loss of Control on the ground (LOC-G). It warns about the importance of having access to updated meteorological information when planning the flight and in the development of the operations.

SR: training on angle of attack and path management theory - February 21, 2018

JIAAC issued new Safety Recommendations related to the content that the pilot’s instruction must contemplate, as well as an update of the procedure manual used for it, in accordance with RAAC 141. 

SR: more resources to access meteorological information - February 15, 2018

The new tools to obtain meteorological information can be of great help when planning the flight, however, it is important to be able to make a correct assessment and forecast based on them. 

Provisions on flight manual and check-list - February 6, 2018

Having up-to-date information is essential for proper flight preparation. In two new Safety Recommendations, the aim is to reinforce the importance of keeping the documentation related to aircraft operation updated, such as flight manuals and checklists.

SR: Review of procedures in maintenance depots - January 29, 2018

JIAAC issued two Safety Recommendations (SR) focused on the need to comprehensively monitor the maintenance procedures that are carried out in aviation maintenance depots.

SR: “Micrometeorology” in firefighting flights - January 22, 2018

In firefighting flights, special consideration must be given to phenomena that occur due to the same special conditions of the igneous focus. A Safety Recommendation specifically talks about the importance of taking into account the “micrometeorology” generated in these situations, in order to guarantee safety.

SR: requirements for Provincial Aeronautical Departments - January 18, 2018

The development of Safety Manuals and the implementation of adequate Safety Systems are some of the requirements which Provincial entities with an air fleet should be insisted on. A new Safety Recommendation (SR) addressed to ANAC insists on these points, along with the need for standardized training programs and procedures.

Safety Recommendations: more controls and infrastructure improvements - December 6, 2017

JIAAC published new Safety Recommendations related to airports and aerodromes infrastructure. Importance of identification of potential risk in runway excursion and incident prevention.