Brazilian manufacturer Embraer conducted a workshop for investigators on the technical characteristics of its aircraft.

The workshop “Familiarization with E-Jet aircraft systems” was conducted from 26 to 29 September at JIAAC headquarters, in the city of Buenos Aires. The course was carried out by Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturing company, and Domicio Fonseca and Paulo Soares were lecturing the sessions, both of whom are representatives of the company.

During the intensive four-day course session, participants were able to learn in detail about the different technical aspects of aircraft termed “E-Jects,” such as their hydraulic and electric systems, instruments, landing gear and brakes.  There was also room for a review of the characteristics of E190 engines, flight controls, and ice and rain protection that are included in aircraft equipment.

Several members of regional AIG organizations participated in the training, such as Paraguay, Panamá and Brazil, representatives of Austral Líneas Aéreas (which uses this type of aircraft in our country) and investigators from the whole country who are part of JIAAC staff; and the presence of Alexander Lima Prado, member of the Technical Committee of the South American AIG Regional Cooperation Mechanism (ARCM-SAM), was underscored.

The workshop ended with the handover ceremony of certificates to the participants, which was headed by Pamela Suárez, president of JIAAC, together with the representatives of Embraer and JIAAC National Director of Management and Development, Juan Mangiameli.