With the authorization of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC), a specialized workshop on accident investigation was held at JIAAC Headquarters. It was taught by the prestigious Singapore Aviation Academy and the aviation authority of the Asian region.

The Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA), together with the regulatory body for civil aviation of that country, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), conducted, for the first time in Argentina and the South American region, a joint activity for training and sharing of experiences and knowledge on aircraft accident investigation.

The specialized seminar on “Aircraft Accident Investigation Techniques” was conducted during 4 to 8 September at JIAAC Headquarters, with the support and encouragement of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC).

In addition to the investigation staff from all JIAAC offices in the country, representatives of AIG institutions and organizations from Latin American countries belonging to LACAC, such as Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Panama participated.

Among the students were also pilots, executives of airline companies, airport operators, and professionals from various branches linked to aeronautics.

The content development was carried out by Caj Frostell, an international aviation adviser and member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) and Chan, Wing Keong, adviser of the Transport Safety Investigation Bureau of the Singapore Ministry of Transport. They were assisted by Michelle Hoo, Assistant Manager of SAA and Clarissa Koh, Deputy Manager of CAAS.

The modules were taught throughout the week from 4 to 8 September, in sessions that lasted for 5 to 6 hours. Among other topics, the contents included: Planning; on-site investigation; basic kit and tools; crashworthiness and survivability; crisis management in relation to the management of the media and family assistance; airport factors, flight operation and technical investigation.

Furthermore, there was a review of the independence of accident investigation agencies; Safety Management Systems (SMS); witness interviews, evidence, etc. To close the seminar, there were practical exercises with case studies and final report writing.

The certificate ceremony was headed by JIAAC President, Pamela Suárez, along with the National Civil Aviation Administrator (ANAC), Juan Pedro Irigoin, and CLAC Secretary General, Marco Ospina.

About SAA

The Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) is one of the most important aviation schools across the globe within the civil sphere.   It was established less than 60 years ago as the training arm of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, aspiring to be a top aviation academy with international recognition.

Currently, it is a training center with a wide range of operational and management programmes with international standards and a benchmark of best practices for the aviation sector worldwide.  It has four specialized schools: Aviation Management; Aviation Safety & Security; Air Traffic Services; Airport Emergency Services.